Shaving foams

These are oil-water based emulsions propelled from the can in mousse form. The basic formula is soap obtained by fatty acid saponification with one or various bases including other product enhancing options such as tensoactive, moisturizing, lubricating, parfums, bactericide or bacteriostatic ingredients intended to make the foam last longer, improving dispersion so that the razor rinses easily with water, moisturizing, helping the blade to slide over the beard, softening, etc

Shaving gel

The product is propelled from the can as a gel which turns into foams as the gas isopentane/isobutane. This system requires a system (BAG IN CAN – BAG ON VALVE) whereby the gel is kept separated from the propellant forcing it out of the aerosol. The same formulas and additives apply as with the shaving foams.

Being able to use both systems (BAG IN CAN – BAG ON VALVE) means that we can use tin or aluminium cans accepting either liquefied or compressed gas as a propelling agent.