Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services


As a services company, we have an applied research laboratory for the development of products in accordance with currently existing European regulations and closely collaborate with the client with respect to product development in order to ensure total confidentiality and strict exclusivity.

Our technical service guarantees the constant updating of currently existing regulations (cosmetics, hazardous products, risk prevention, transport regulations, environmental legislation, etc.), and draws up the legal documentation for the corresponding bodies.


The product is formulated according to the client’s specifications, guaranteeing all of the necessary requirements, demands and characteristics and fulfilling all physical and chemical controls.


Our packaging lines have several degrees of automation, allowing a great deal of flexibility and are therefore able to mass produce any kind of format and product.

We use a wide range of propelling gases: Propano, Propane/Butane, Isobutane, DME, CO2, N2; thus permitting a great deal of versatility with respect to aerosol packaging.

We have production lines permitting the packaging of double-chamber system aerosols (Bag-on-Valve) which operate with liquefied or compressed propelling gas.

The packaging line can also label and shrink-wrap products.


The Purchases Department manages customer supplies. It has large areas for the storage of raw material, bulks, packaging elements and the finished product.

We have computerized communication systems allowing us to keep customers permanently informed with respect to the progress of their products at our plants.

The Logistics Department ensures correct stock administration, so that needs can be met instantly based on the enormous flexibility gained over our 50 years of experience in the production and filling business.