Hair Care

Hair Care


Hairsprays and fixing sprays

The aim of these products is to improve hair control and manageability while keeping your style in place during everyday activity and exposure to environmental conditions. These products offer additional features such as glossing ingredients, etc.

Aimed at both the mass consumer and professional markets, our products also offer optional additives like sun filters, vitamins, vegetable active principles, etc.

We also offer formulas adapted to looser, more flexible styles.

Hair mousse

Conditioning, with different hold strengths depending on the different combinations of polymer employed in the formula, hence obtaining mousses which:

  • Give body to the hair.
  • Have different hold strengths, even in extremely humid environments.
  • Offer excellent curl hold.
  • Result in hair which is soft to the touch, glossy and easy to comb when wet.
  • Adding colour to this kind of formula results in a non-permanent coloured mousse.

Hair gloss

An aerosol product specially conceived to give the hair a glossy, healthy and silky aspect.